v. struck; struck (esp. for31-34)strick•en; strik•ing;
1) to deal a blow to, as with the fist, a weapon, or a hammer; hit
2) to inflict; deliver:
struck a blow[/ex]
3) to drive so as to cause impact:
to strike the hands together[/ex]
4) to thrust forcibly:
struck a pike into the earth[/ex]
5) to produce by percussion or friction:
to strike sparks[/ex]
6) to cause (a match) to ignite by friction
7) to come into forcible contact or collision with:
The ship struck a rock[/ex]
8) to reach or fall upon, as light or sound
9) to enter the mind of:
A happy thought struck him[/ex]
10) to arrest the faculty of:
That painting struck my eye[/ex]
11) to impress strongly:
strikes one's fancy[/ex]
12) to impress in a particular manner:
How does it strike you?[/ex]
13) to happen upon; find:
struck oil[/ex]
14) to send down or put forth (a root), as a plant
15) to arrive at; achieve:
to strike a compromise[/ex]
16) to take apart; pull down:
to strike a tent[/ex]
17) sbz to remove from the stage:
to strike a set[/ex]
18) naut. navig. to lower:
to strike a sail[/ex]
19) spo (of a fish) to snatch at (bait)
20) to make level with a strickle
21) to cancel; cross out:
to strike a passage from a speech[/ex]
22) num to stamp:
to strike a medal[/ex]
23) to separate by or as if by a blow:
struck chips from a log[/ex]
24) hor to mark by or as if by chimes:
The clock struck 12[/ex]
25) to afflict suddenly:
stricken with fever[/ex]
26) to overwhelm emotionally:
struck with awe[/ex]
27) to cause to become a certain way:
struck me dumb[/ex]
28) to implant; induce:
to strike fear into someone[/ex]
29) to move suddenly into:
The horse struck a gallop[/ex]
30) to assume the formal character of:
struck a pose[/ex]
31) to conclude; confirm:
struck a bargain[/ex]
32) to reach in due course:
We struck Rome by noon[/ex]
33) to go on strike against (an employer)
34) cvb to deal a blow or stroke
35) cvb mil to make an attack, esp. a planned military assault
36) to knock; rap
37) to come into forcible contact; collide
38) to run aground
39) to make an impression
40) to come suddenly:
struck on a new way of doing it[/ex]
41) to sound by percussion:
The clock strikes[/ex]
42) to be indicated by or as if by such percussion:
The hour has struck[/ex]
43) to ignite by friction
44) to take root, as a slip of a plant
45) to make one's way:
They struck for the woods[/ex]
46) to go on strike against an employer
47) naut. navig. to lower the flag or colors, esp. in salute or surrender
48) (of fish) to take bait
49) phv cvb strike out
a) to put out or be put out by a strikeout in baseball
b) to fail
c) to erase; cross out
d) to set forth; venture forth
50) phv strike up
a) to begin:
struck up a tune[/ex]
b) to bring into being:
to strike up an acquaintance[/ex]
51) an act or instance of striking
52) a group work stoppage to compel an employer to accede to workers' demands or to protest an employer's conditions
53) cvb a temporary stoppage of something in protest
54) spo a baseball pitch that is either swung at and missed, in the strike zone but not swung at, or hit into foul territory with less than two strikes against the batter
55) spo
a) the knocking down of all the bowling pins with the first bowl
b) the score so made
Compare spare 18)
56) min the discovery of a rich mineral deposit
57) a planned attack, esp. by military aircraft
58) hor the striking mechanism of a timepiece
59) spo
a) a sharp jerk made on a fishing line to set the hook in the fish's mouth
b) a pull on the line by a fish taking bait
60) num a quantity of coins struck at one time
61) gel
a) the direction of the line formed by the intersection of each intervening surface of a bed or stratum of sedimentary rock with a horizontal plane
b) the direction or trend of a structural feature, as an anticlinal axis
Etymology: bef. 1000; (v.) ME; OE strīcan to stroke, make level, c. OHG strīhhan; akin to streak, stroke I syn: See beat

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